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A rare pair of late C19th 'Grand Tour'  bronze sculptures of Narcissus and Venus of Capua. Signed by foundry`M. Amodio, Napoli`. On engraved circular bases. Excellent quality castings, condition and deep rich patina. Circa 1880. 16.5" & 16" high.

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Narcissus is depicted in 'contrapposto' pose, a wine-skin slung over his shoulder, entirely naked except for his sandals and the grapes in his hair. Also known as Greek god Dionysus, Bacchus to the Romans, is the God of wine, the grape harvest, ritual madness, religious ecstasy and theatre.

The antique original now exhibited in Museo Nazionale, Naples, Italy, was originally found in 1862 at Pompeii, was identified as Narcissus. Years later it was identified as Dionysus.


Venus is depicted here semi-naked in a shapely pose, probably admiring her reflection in the shiny surface of her lover Ares' shield, which she previously held, partially clad in a robe, a diadem in her hair, with her left foot on the helmet of Ares (Mars to the Romans) the God of War.

Also known as Aphrodite, she is the Roman goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory.

The original marble Capuan Venus statue, named after its place of rediscovery in 1750, at the ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheatre at Capua, in Campania region of southern Italy, where it was part of the architectural decoration. In 1820, the drapery, arms and nose were restored. The marble original now exhibited in the Museo Nazionale , Naples.

19th Century Pair of Grand Tour Bronzes (Narcissus & Venus)

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